Bloodyminded is the UK’s first interactive feature film, a 90-minute single steadicam shot streamed live into cinemas as it is filmed. I was asked by the internationally renowned artists group Blast Theory to make a trailer for their film, which was tricky seeing as the film didn’t exist yet. So we got together some convincing stand ins, a bunch of props, headed up to the location of where the film will be filmed – Longmoor Military Base in Hampshire – and made a trailer that captured the tone of the film, without getting too caught up with the details of the plot. As writer, producer, director and editor, it was a lot of work in a short amount of time, but I think the trailer really works, and hopefully captures it’s big feature cousin (I’m writing this before the feature film has been shot).

Blast Theory

Prod Co: Soundslike Films
Length: 80 secs