February 2017

So, only 8 months since the last update. Hmm. It’s a sign of how ridiculously busy things have gotten, and mostly in a good way. So, looking back on my last missive, we were finishing off the Disney Cinderella ad (which you can now watch here) and some product videos for Amazon, which ended up being for the Echo and were on Amazon’s home page for a couple of weeks, which was fun. The Surf animation is in limbo, so I can’t share that just yet, but in the intervening time I’ve finished another animation for Unilever, and two future-set films for BP, which have been great fun to make. Not quite as much fun as the two films we shot in the same day with fellow Brighton-based production company Be The Fox for Huawei, which have both been added to the Commercials page on this site.

We spent a beautifully warm October week shooting in Rhodes for Thomas Cook, before heading back to travel round a bunch of freezing cold skyscrapers in the UK for Laing O’Rourke. Then it was on to a TV commercial with the one and only Bruno Tonioli (off of the telly) which was hugely enjoyable.

I’ve also made my first 360° film, which was a complete mind melt but turned out ok. At the moment you can only see it with a VR headset, but we’re looking to make an online version soon. I’ll keep you posted, and hopefully not in another 8 months’ time. And we’re just finishing my first project for The Edge in a while, which has been a joy.

The next few weeks show few signs of let up – a film for International Women’s Day, a live theatre piece (no filming!) for a conference in Birmingham, a lot of pitches for some very exciting projects, and the early rumblings of another project for Thomas Cook. Bring on the sunshine.

June 2016

Finally. It’s been such a busy year so far that getting this website up and running has taken much longer than expected but it’s here now. Huge thanks to maestro Graham Padmore for his endless game face, ability to remain friends despite every new round of amends (I am the worst client) and all this while simultaneously having a disc removed from his spine. New showreel, too – kudos to editing doyen David Cheng and music from the always awesome Delicate Steve. Feel free to have a look around, and I’ll try and keep you updated with new work as and when it arrives. In pre-production currently on a new commercial for a Disney Cinderella perfume, post-production on some secret Amazon films, ongoing production on some beautiful animations for Surf and a few other bits and bobs. Thanks for visiting the site – feel free to drop me a line…